What is makes it easy to hire talented service providers in the Philippines. We are an online marketplace platform for services instead of products. We believe that everyone deserves good work and that talented service providers deserve to be recognized and rewarded.

What types of services are on GoodWork?

Our platform covers a wide range of services – everything you need for you and your family – and is free to use. For instance, you can find a math or Chinese tutor for your son, a fitness instructor for yourself, a plumbing repairman and home cleaner for your apartment, and a caterer for your father’s upcoming birthday.

How does it work?

We’ve made the process easy. Here’s how it works:

  • You submit the type of service you need, tell us your location, the dates you are available, and share some details about your request.
  • We then share your job with our Service Providers that match your request. You sit back and relax as they review your request.
  • Service Providers then send you offers (or messages if they have a clarifying question).
  • Review the offers and the GoodWork profiles and ratings of the Service Providers and select your favorite. Your service is then confirmed!

Who are the Service Providers?

Our Service Providers are talented independent freelancers and small businesses in the Philippines that take a lot of pride in their work. They are passionate about offering great services and building a quality reputation on GoodWork.

Who sets prices for services?

GoodWork does not control the prices. Prices for services are entirely set by the Service Provider. You can discuss directly with the Service Provider to agree on a fair price.

Are Service Providers employees of GoodWork?

No. Service Providers are independent and are not employed by GoodWork. Service Providers have to register a profile on our platform and submit a relevant government document for our records and for the safety of the platform.

What are the costs for Customers?

There are no costs for Customers to join or use our platform. The only cost is the price that the Service Provider charges for the job. GoodWork does not charge the customer anything.

What support does GoodWork provide if I have a question or problem?

GoodWork is always ready to support Customers and Service Providers throughout their entire service experiences. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please message us on facebook: GoodWork.PH Facebook Page

We will assist with any discussions or concerns you have. It is important to remember that the Service Provider is independent and therefore all decisions for rework or compensation are up to the Service Provider. However, GoodWork can help to mediate any discussions and help to find a friendly and satisfactory solution. We strongly recommend keeping all discussions on the GoodWork messaging platform to keep everything easy and clear.


What are the costs for Service Providers?

For Service Providers, GoodWork is also free to join. There is no registration fees to use GoodWork. GoodWork charges Service Providers a small fee for every customer introduction on our platform, but we only charge the fee if the customer responds to the Service Providers offer or message. We charge the fee by deducting GoodWork coins from the Service Provider’s account. When the Service Provider first joins the platform, we give them coins for free to get started. Afterwards, the Service Providers purchase coins from GoodWork. The platform does not take any commissions from the job value – all the money a Service Provider earns from a customer is kept by the Service Provider.

What are GoodWork coins and how much do they cost?

GoodWork coins are the currency we use on the platform to connect Service Providers with new customers. Coins cost 40 peso per coin. The minimum purchase is 5 coins and if you buy more coins, you get a discount. The coins cannot be redeemed for cash and they never expire. The coins are only used on the GoodWork platform for introductions to new customers. We have set the cost of the coins low to make sure Service Providers get a very good return on their investment. In other words, the cost of the coins is low compared to the value of the jobs Service Providers will get from our platform.

Are coins only charged if the Service Provider gets a job?

No, Service Providers are charged a coin for any customer introduction only if the customer responds. If a Service Provider makes an offer or sends a message, but the customer never responds, there is no charge. If a customer does respond, the Service Provider will be charged even if the customer ends up selecting a different Service Provider for the job. This is why we recommend Service Providers to send great offers and build informative profiles to increase the chances of winning every customer.

How many coins are charged?

The number of coins charged per introduction depends on the average cost of a service in that category. In all cases, we aim to keep the customer introduction cost low relative to average expected value of the jobs.